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Life's Mission:

To help realign social and political systems to this one Earth.



Jacob A. Miller-Klugesherz

PhD Student, Sociology (Expected graduation in Spring 2025)

NSF-Sponsored NRT-R3 Research Trainee

Concentrations: (1) Community, Agriculture, Food, and Environment; (2) Rural Politics & Development

Kansas State University 

Manhattan, Kansas, USA

Sociology | Environmental Communication | Speech & Debate
Regenerative Agriculture & Community Wellbeing | Absentee Ownership of farmland & wells | Rural Kansas | Ecospheric Rhetoric
Process-relational philosophy | Luhmannian Social Systems Theory | Values-Beliefs-Norms Framework, Moral Foundations Theory
Basketball | Cooking | Poetry 

6th generation Kansan, born and raised. 1st cousins, 3 times removed to 34th U.S. President, Dwight D. Eisenhower


August 2020-Present
Doctoral Student
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS

Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work

May 2019
Master of Arts Degree
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS

Department of Communication Studies

(Environmental Communication emphasis)

May 2017

Bachelor of Arts Degree

Bethel College

North Newton, KS

Communication Arts, Literary Studies (Dual-Major)

Management (Minor)

  • Griggs, B., Sanderson, M.R., & Miller-Klugesherz, J.A. (Forthcoming May 2023). “Farmers are depleting the Ogallala Aquifer because the government pays them to do it.” In Martin LaMonica’s (S. Ed.) The Conversations on Water. Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press. (Previous versions appeared in the American Bar Association and The Conversation)

  • Miller-Klugesherz, J.A. (December 2022). “Moral sentiments of U.S. Congress’ Farm Bill debates, 2012-2021.” In R.X. Browning’s (ed.). Political Rhetoric and the Media: Center for C-SPAN Scholarship & Engagement’s The Year in C-SPAN Archives Research, Volume 8: 207-238. West Lafayette, IN: Purdue University.

  • Miller-Klugesherz, J.A. (August 2022). Rural race preservation: The enduring appeal to blood and soil. In N. Crick’s (Ed.), The rhetoric of fascism (pp. 76-93). Tuscaloosa, AL: University of Alabama Press.

  • Miller, J.A. & Sanderson, M.R. (January 2021). What we need to do to be able to actually celebrate the 100th Earth Day: Using COVID-19 to ‘root down’. In S. von Tscharner Fleming & B. Olson’s (eds.) Greenhorn’s New Farmer’s Almanac 5: “Grand Land Plan” (pp. 135-138). Saline, MI: Greenhorns.

  • Miller, J.A. (2020). Attuning to an Ecospheric rhetoric to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. In C. Schmitt, T. Castor, & C. Thomas (Eds.), A Mighty Stream: A confluence of water, rhetoric, and social justice (pp. 369-389). Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.

  • Fischer, A.*, J.A. Miller*, E. Nottingham*, T. Wiederstein*, L. Krueger*, G.P. Quesada*, M.R. Sanderson, S.L. Hutchinson. (2021). A Systematic Review of Spatial-temporal Scale Issues in Sociohydrology. Frontiers in Water. *Share first-authorship. 

  • Miller, J.A. (June 2021). Demoralizing: Integrating J.D. Peters’ communication ‘chasm’ with Niklas Luhmann’s (1989) Ecological Communication to analyze climate change mitigation inaction. Kybernetes special issue: Moral Communication observed with Social Systems Theory. S. Roth (ed.) doi:10.1108/K-11-2020-0770

  • Miller, J.A. (Spring 2019). Examining the narrative persuasiveness of the 50-Year Farm Bill. Northwest Journal of Communication 41(1):97-129. Northwest Communication Association, Andrea A. McCracken (ed.). ISSN 1559-0003. Print only.

  • Miller-Klugesherz, J.A., R. Carver, and E. Blair. (Forthcoming 2023). Local grocers sourcing from local producers in Kansas: Best practices. Manhattan, KS: Kansas State University Extension’s Rural Grocery Initiative. 

  • Miller-Klugesherz, J.A. (Forthcoming 2023). Preliminary observations on data from the community survey: The Ogden community’s reflections on a potential grocery store. Manhattan, KS: Kansas State University Extension’s Rural Grocery Initiative. 

  • Miller-Klugesherz, J.A., R. Carver, E. Blair, Jessica Ramirez, L. Tsoodle, and L. Scheufler. (Forthcoming 2023). The 2021 Kansas Rural Grocery Survey. Manhattan, KS: Kansas State University Extension’s Rural Grocery Initiative.

  • Miller, J.A. (2019). Mennonite’s protest of the U.S. national anthem lacks inclusivity of the black community: A call to “Lift Every Voice and Sing.” In Brad Born (ed.) Mennonite Life, 73. Newton, KS: Bethel College.

  • Miller, J.A. (2017). When it comes to restraint and seclusion on autistic students, schools should use restraint themselves. Interstate Oratorical Association, Winning Orations. Lafayette, LA: The University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

  • Miller, J.A. (2015). Migrant child workers deserve better protection. Interstate Oratorical Association, Winning Orations. Mount Berry, GA: Berry College.

  • Miller-Klugesherz, J.A. (~2026). Ball is life: The Earthly rhythms of basketball, the beautiful game. 

  • Miller-Klugesherz, J.A., M.R. Sanderson. (Equal contribution) (Under review, 2023). Good for the soil, but good for the farmer? Addiction and recovery in transitions to regenerative agriculture. Sociologia Ruralis.

  •  Jessica Ramirez, J.A. Miller-Klugesherz, R. Carver, L. Tsoodle, E. Blair, and L. Scheufler. (Under review, 2023). The 2021 Kansas Rural Grocery Survey: Revaluating Extension’s role in rural grocery issues. Journal of Extension.

  • Miller-Klugesherz, J.A. (June 2022). Liz Carlisle: Healing Grounds: Climate, Justice, and the Deep Roots of Regenerative Farming. Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems. 

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SEPTEMBER 2022- MAY 2023

Research Assistant

Rural Grocery Initiative, 

Extension Services

Kansas State University

§ Write, edit, and compile drafts for publication in a scholarly journal (1) and reports (3), including the 2021 Kansas rural grocery survey.

§ Work on case studies (4) of innovative rural grocers and groceries.

§ Clean and analyze Ogden community survey data on potentially adding another grocery store.

SEPTEMBER 2022-Present

Graduate Teaching Assistant 

Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work

Kansas State University

§ Teach SOCIO440 - Social Organization

§ Teach SOCIO211 - Introduction to Sociology, online, asynchronous, 8-week course.


NSF-sponsored NRT-R3 Research Trainee 

Kansas State University

§ Student advisory board member.

§ Worked in interdisciplinary teams, went on field and site visits.

§ Conducted and published research on social and political barriers to climate change mitigation, regenerative agriculture adoption, and Ogallala irrigation reductions.

May 2020-December 2022

Lobbying liaison to KS-01

 Co-Founder/Co-Leader of the Manhattan, KS chapter 

Citizens' Climate Lobby

§  Schedule and participate in lobby meetings with Kansas Senators and Rep. Tracey Mann (KS-01). 

§  Train participants how to lobby with others and on their own. 

§  Lead and engage in grasstops, grassroots, media, and advocacy actions.

§  Hold local action meetings and give presentations to local organizations and institutions.


Conservative Outreach Fellow

Citizens' Climate Education

§  Create a network of conservatives (with a focus on young adults) who are interested in climate policy.

§  Engage young conservatives and Republicans to take targeted actions to voice a constructive message for putting a price on carbon emissions.

§  Meet with members of Congress on climate policy, host meetings to discuss climate policy.

§  Create social media traffic supporting carbon pricing and publish opinion pieces in local and regional papers.

§  Coordinate meetings with conservative constituents and members of Congress through CCL’s Liaisons for meetings either in-district or in DC.

§  Develop, propose, test & implement outreach methods to young adult conservatives & Republicans.

§  Provide administrative support including email, calls, research and data entry.


USDA-Funded Research Assistant

Department of Sociology

Kansas State University

§  Access datasets, compile data (examples: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6), create charts and graphics, and run statistical analyses on various variables for the state of Kansas and its counties. These include sustainable agriculture, farm scale, Ogallala aquifer depletion, public health, income, housing, and rural revitalization. Read a summary here.

FALL 2019



§  Managed mail and answer phone calls from constituents, compiled news clips and call logs, managed the front office, delivered co-sponsorships and proxies, organized meeting schedules, completed flag requests, gave Capitol tours, wrote legislative updates, and filled in as staff assistant from time to time.

§  Wrote memos related to the agriculture, energy, environment, and education portfolio.

SUMMERS 2016, 2017

Intern for Ecosphere Studies,

Special Assistant to President Emeritus 


§  Updated data for the 50-Year Farm Bill, including pie charts, statistics, and text.

§  Conducted research for federal grants, environmental pedagogy, and assessment.

§  Coordinated housing, transportation, and food logistics for the Ecosphere Studies program.

§  Helped design and coordinate the second and third annual ecosphere studies conferences, organized participants’ writings into a packet, assisted in educational exercises, and aided in meetings and tours.

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